by Tony Nester

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Christ In You, The Hope of Glory (8 of 18)
Tony Nester
Colossians 1:25-27

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Let's begin today by lifting out one word from this
Scripture. I want to focus on the word "mystery" that
Paul uses in verse 26. Paul uses this word to describe
an important aspect of his preaching and teaching.
"What I am doing as an apostle," he says, "is making
the word of God fully known. I am revealing the
mystery that has been God's secret throughout the ages
and down the generations."

God has had a secret, a mystery. This mystery is what
every religion has tired to reveal. All religions are
a search for God. Religions try to give us a way to
reach God. This sounds rather complicated so let me
tell you a story to help us see this through the eyes
of a child.

You'll know this story if you've read Chicken Soup for
the Soul. There's a story in the book about a little
girl named Schia. When Schia was 4 years old, her baby
brother was born. Little Schia began to ask her
parents to leave her alone with the new baby. They
worried that, like most 4-year-olds, she might want to
hit or shake him, so they said "No."

Over time, though, since Schia wasn't showing signs of
jealousy, they changed their minds and decided to let
Schia have her private conference with the baby.
Elated, Schia went into the baby's room and shut the
door, but it opened a crack--enough for her curious
parents to peek in and listen. They saw little Schia
walk quietly up to her baby brother, put her face
close to his, and say, 'Baby, tell me what God feels
like. I'm starting to forget.'"

Little Schia was already sensing in her four year old
mind two great spiritual truths. First, that we've
been made to have a relationship with God. We're born
with a desire to know God - what God feels like.
Secondly, little Schia sensed that knowing God becomes
a problem for us - I'm starting to forget.

The mystery that re ...

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