by Tony Nester

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In Christ All Things Hold Together (5 of 18)
Tony Nester
Colossians 1:15-18

I want to begin this morning with a story from one of
Madeleine L'Engle's children's books. If you are a
parent of young children and haven't shared her
stories with your children you've been leaving them
out of some terrific stories that communicate powerful
spiritual truths. In her book The Summer of the Great
Grandmother she tells of being with her grandchildren
at bedtime for reading and singing. One night her
grandchild Lena turned to her and asked, "Is
everything all right?" She said, "Yes, of course,
everything is all right." Lena asked again: "Gram, is
everything really all right? I mean really?"

L'Engle says she "looked at that little child in her
white nightgown and realized that she was asking the
cosmic question, the question that is out beyond the
safety of this home full of light and love and
warmth." (1)

Is everything really all right? Is our life going to
end up making sense in spite of all the nonsense this
world contains? Will there ever be peace among the
nations or are we caught up forever in a cycle of
attacks and revenge, killing and war? Is the universe
going to hold together? Or are the scientists correct
who predict that planet Earth is headed ultimately for
extinction as the universe expands and we moves
further from our Sun and finally freeze into a cold,
lifeless mass. Will we live beyond the grave even
though death appears to strip us so dramatically of
every trace of life? Is everything really all right?

We've come today to words from the Apostle Paul that
answer this question. They are words that paint a
picture of the greatness of Christ. Our salvation is
about much more than how we get through today and
tomorrow - although for some of us that's a tremendous
challenge and test. But we need to look beyond what's
staring us in the face and see the big picture.

We c ...

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