by Tony Nester

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What About Anger?
Suffering and Faith: 4 of 5
Text: Job 7:11-21; Romans 8:18; 35-39
Tony Nester

There is a story told about a little girl whose mother
planned to celebrate her fifth birthday by impressing all
the relatives. The little girl's mother paid no attention
to what kind of party her daughter wanted. Instead, she
forced her daughter to wear a dress her daughter didn't
want to wear. She also made her daughter learn a song that
she was supposed to sing in front of everybody at the

When the day of the party arrived the little girl pouted
over having to wear the dress. And when it came time to
sing the song, she refused. Her mother said, "What are you
going to do?" "Nothing," said her daughter. Then her mother
pinched her and said again, "Aren't you going to sing your
song?" "No," was the reply.

So the mother took her daughter by the arm and drug her
upstairs to the parents' bedroom and shut her up in a
closet. About a half hour later the mother came back and
said, "What are you doing in there?" Her little girl said,
""I've been having a great time. I've been spitting on your
clothes. I've been spitting on your shoes. I've been
spitting on your walls. I've been spitting on the carpet.
Now I'm waiting for some more spit."

Sometimes we get so angry all we want is more spit.
Hopefully these are moments that we quickly pass through
and then move beyond them. But what about those situations
when the anger doesn't leave us so easily? Times when life
is so hurtful and unfair that we might want to spit at life
itself, or even God?

The Book of Job has caught people's attention because it's
about a man who is angry at God. Job can find no reason why
God should be causing him to suffer so terribly. So he
cries out in anger at God:

(Job 7:11 NRSV) ""Therefore I will not restrain my mouth; I
will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in
the bitterness of my soul."

Job' ...

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