by Tony Nester

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If You Worship God/If You Worship Another
Spiritual Choices: 2 of 8
Text: Exodus 20:1-6; Matthew 4:8-10; Colossians 3:1-5
Tony Nester

A man was driving through the country when he saw a sign in
front of a country store: "Rabbit Burgers -- 25 cents."
Intrigued by both the idea and the price, he stopped, went
inside and purchased one.

While he was eating, he spoke with the proprietor: "I
stopped because I saw your sign and your price. Are these
made completely from rabbit meat?" "They're mostly rabbit,"
the proprietor said. "What do you mean by 'MOSTLY?'" "I put
in a little mule, too." "What do you mean by 'A LITTLE'?"
"Fifty - fifty," replied the storekeeper. "What do you mean
by 'FIFTY - FIFTY'?" The storekeeper answered, "You know,
you put in one rabbit and you put in one mule." (1).

I don't know if the man ate his burger, but I do know that
we like things to be pure. Once you see how many
contaminates, bugs, and "particles" are in your tap water
at home you're likely to buy a water purifier. Many of us
have air purifiers as well. When I lived in New York people
used to joke about the air quality by saying that New
Yorkers didn't like to breathe air they couldn't see.

Purity is about not being contaminated. You can buy hot
dogs that have a mix of food products in them, along with
some beef. Or you can buy hot dogs that are pure beef. One
is isn't pure, the other is.

There are a lot more important issues than food when it
comes to purity. Purity in love is one of our fondest
ideals. We want people to love us with unmixed motives. We
want to be loved with a genuine love, not a counterfeit for
love. We don't want to be cheated on, deceived, or used.

This is what the Bible means when it says that God is a
jealous God. God's jealousy isn't selfish envy. No. God's
jealousy is God's desire that we love God with a pure love.
God doesn't want a contaminated love from us. He is rightly
angered w ...

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