by Tony Nester

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Ministering to Seekers
Rediscovering Church, Part 8 of 10
Acts 8:26-40
Tony R. Nester

"Go" is one of the most important words we ever hear.

A child hears it when he has to get on a school bus for the
first time in his life. Mom says, "Go!" and sends off her
little one to school.

A bride stands ready at the back of the sanctuary with her
arm around her father. The bridesmaids process, the music
builds, and then she hears the word, "Now it's time- go!"
and she walks forward to meet her groom.

The football team has practiced their plays all week long
getting ready to face their opponent. It comes down to the
coach's last words in the locker room. The stadium is full
of fans and everyone's performance is going to scrutinized.
Once they leave the locker room anything can happen - a
win, a loss, an injury, a moment of glory, or of
humiliation. They wait. And then comes the word. "Let's
go!" and they run out onto the field to the cheers of the

Today we see how this little two-letter word, "go", played
such an important role in the life of the New Testament
Church. Part of rediscovering church is discovering how
important the word "go" is for Christians. Jesus didn't
just say "Come to me." He also said, "Go"

Jesus introduced his disciples to this little word with a
surprise announcement. They had been watching him preach,
teach, and heal. But then Jesus told the disciples that it
was now their turn to do ministry. He told them, "you go
and proclaim the good news that the Kingdom of God is now
available." (see Matthew 10:7).

When he called fishermen to follow him he told them that he
would teach them to become fishers of men. Fishermen don't
wait for fish to find their boats and jump into their nets.
They go after the fish. They cast their nets.

Jesus told the disciples that just as he had obeyed the "go
command" given to him by our Heavenly Father, so now he was
placing his discip ...

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