by Tony Nester

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A Leadership Crisis Resolved
Rediscovering Church, Part 6 of 10
Text: Acts 6:1-7
Tony R. Nester

One day when Evelyn and I were just coming in the door of
our home having returned from a vacation in Rocky Mountain
National Park we heard our answering machine taking a
message. It was terrible news. A farmer in our Congregation
has just been found dead, crushed under his overturned
tractor. We knew him well. John was a wonderful man, loving
husband, and caring father of two teenagers. He and his
wife enjoyed offering hospitality in their home and it
hadn't been all that long since Evelyn and I had visited
their home Bible study group.

We dropped our luggage and went straight to the house. By
the time we arrived we found others had already made it to
the house. His wife, shocked and disbelieving, was on the
doorstep, having been surrounded by members of their Bible
study group. People were crying, praying, and hugging one
another. By the end of the evening a sizable group had
formed and was giving incredible support to this new widow.

John's funeral was one of the most spiritually powerful
funerals I've ever led. The church, of course, was packed
with family, friends, and neighbors. The choir sang music
that spoke to our hearts and filled us with faith. Friends
came forward and spoke of their love and admiration for
John. And we surrounded his wife with as much prayer and
love as we could.

As the days, and months, and years went on the church
continued in its care for John's widow. People called her,
visited with her, and invited her to spend time with them.
We kept a watch out for her children. When she came to
church people sat with her. She came in repeatedly to talk
with me as she found her way through her terrible grief.
She's still on that journey toward healing.

I know many of you could tell similar stories. You could
tell about how you've helped others in this church, and how
this churc ...

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