by Tony Nester

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Signs and Wonders
Rediscovering Church, Part 4 of 10
Text: Acts 3:1-16
Tony R. Nester

There was once a pastor in a Sunday School class who was
trying to illustrate the word "miracle. "Boys and girls,"
he said, "suppose I stood on the roof of a ten-story
building, lost my balance and fell off. Then all of a
sudden, in midair, a whirlwind swept me up and brought me
safely to the ground. Now what word would you use to
describe this?"

After a long silence a boy raised his hand and said,

"True, true," replied the pastor. "It could be luck -- but
that's not the word I wanted. I'll repeat the story. There
I am on top of the ten-story building again, and I fall. A
whirlwind catches me in midair and places me safely on the
ground. Think now -- what word would describe the

"Accident," cried out one girl.

"No, no," answered the minister. "Listen carefully for the
third time. I'm on that same building, I fall and am swept
to safety by a sudden whirlwind. What word could account
for my safely reaching the ground?"

The boys and girls shouted in unison: "Practice!"

If we don't believe in miracles we have a hard time with
the Bible. The Bible is full of miracles - the Israelites
crossing the Red Sea to escape the Egyptian army that was
pursing them, Elijah calling down fire from heaven on Mt.
Carmel, Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho. You
can't read much of the Gospels without running into
miracles - Jesus' walking on water, Jesus' multiplying the
loaves and fishes, as well as many instances of divine

Behind all of these miracles stand the two great miracles
of the New Testament: 1) the Incarnation in which God's Son
becomes a human being in Jesus; and 2) the Resurrection of
Jesus from the dead.

We are in the presence today of another great miracle of
God. We call it Holy Communion. Today is World Communion
Sunday when Christians all around the world join ...

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