by Tony Nester

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Title: Scriptures That Have Touched My Life: The Greatest
of These Is Love
Part 5 of 5
Pastor Tony Nester
Text: 1 Corinthians 13

God has put a yearning for love in each of us. We've been
created to love and to be loved. To be loved is our
fundamental need and to give love is primary purpose.

This is why 1 Corinthians 13 is one of the most familiar
parts of the Bible. Like many other engaged couples Evelyn
and I chose this Scripture for our wedding service. We
decided to memorize it. Prior to our wedding day we spent
lots of time practicing saying alternate verses to one
another. In the wedding service we went back and forth
speaking these verses from memory and making them an
additional set of promises to one another.

We both knew that this Scripture showed us what real love
looked like. This was the kind of love we both wanted.

This was not the kind of love I grew up with. My parents
did not have a loving marriage. There was a lot of fighting
and heartbreak. I have memories of my father coming home
drunk and causing havoc in the house. My mother tried more
than once to leave him but did not succeed.

In spite of the my parent's unhappy marriage I did enjoy a
certain measure of love - mostly from my mother but also
from my older sisters. And when, at the age of 13, both of
my parents died, I realized how much I missed whatever
amount of love I had received from my family. I went to
live, first, with an aunt, and later, with my oldest
sister. They were good to me but it wasn't home. It wasn't
my family.

My yearning for real love intensified during those years. I
didn't know how it could happen - it often seemed too good
to ever become true - but I wanted someday to be in a
marriage and in a family of my own where I could give and
receive real love.

I knew by this time that being a Christian had a lot to do
with love. I had read 1 Corinthians 13. I knew it was
called the Bible's "Lo ...

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