by Tony Nester

Mary's Song
Tony Nester
Luke 1:26-38; 46-55

Do you like mysteries?

I don't mean the "who dun it" kind of mystery. I mean the kind of mystery that wakes you up and makes you recognize that there are realities at work in our world that go beyond our sciences, our technologies, and our databases.

This is the kind of mystery that's in the Bible and no where so much as in the Christmas story. So much of the Christmas story is about mystery. If you miss the mystery you miss out on the truth and power of Christmas.

The mystery of Christmas is that Almighty God became an "un- mighty" child - weak, wet, and crying in the arms of a young girl named Mary.

Not everybody's god will get this close to flesh and blood.

The god called Success doesn't accept failure. Those who worship Success have to always be succeeding - no matter how hard they are on others or how pressured they become themselves. The god called Success would never agree to become a child - at least not one born in a stable with poor parents without economic and social advantages.

The god called Power doesn't accept weakness. Those who worship Power remain aloof from weak and hurting people. They avoid being tempted by compassion. They have to remain firm, strong, and focused on their own objectives. Above all they despise their own weaknesses. They pretend they aren't weak even when they are breaking apart inside. The god called Power would never agree to become a child - not unless it was a child of royalty with all the protection and power that a prince or princess would command.

The god called Money doesn't accept deprivation. Those who worship Money can't stand going without what the world's advertising industry tells them they deserve to have. They have to guard what they have while trying to get more. More and more of their life - their time, their energy, their hopes - are taken over by dollar signs. The god called Money would never agree to be born as a child - at least not a ...

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