by Tony Nester

Making Love is Strenuous
Series: What Does the Bible Say About Love and Sex?
Tony R. Nester
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

This is my third message on the topic: "What Does the Bible Say About Love and Sex."

I began this series by emphasizing that the Bible teaches that true love waits to get involved with sex until it know how to be intimate with another person in the way that God intends. I ended that sermon by warning us that when we disregard God's plan for sex we end up hurting one another.

Last Sunday we went in a different direction. I talked with you about the mystery of sex. I wanted you to see that the Bible doesn't just warn us against sex, but celebrates sex as a good gift from God. Sex, I said, in its deepest mystery, ends up leading us to God.

Today's message is entitled: "Making Love Is Strenuous."

I say "making love" because real sex is always about love. If sex is genuine, then we don't just "have sex" we "make more love."

And making love is, indeed, strenuous. Only a few months ago Viagra became available as a pill to help men with their sex life, and it's become one of the most sought after pills by men all over the world.

I didn't realize when I chose today's sermon title that I would be preaching it on my 51st birthday. How appropriate!

But all kidding aside, making love is strenuous. The Bible presents love and sex as requiring a lot from us. It's vital that we understand how much is going to be required of us if we're going to have good experiences with love and sex.

So, why is making love so strenuous?

Well, first, because sex is a minefield of emotions. Sex touches on our deepest yearnings. Sex is all about
being accepted
being held
being loved
being treated with the utmost tenderness and respect.

Sex is not just about hormones, it's about trust, care, companionship, and love. It's because we want so much from sex that we can end up becoming so disappointed when it fails to meet these deep needs ...

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