by Tony Nester

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Hallowed Be Thy Name (Lord's Prayer)
Tony R. Nester
Matthew 6:9-13

Jesus taught us to pray, saying, ''Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name ..'' (Open Bibles to Matthew 6:9-13)

''Hallowed'' is one of those religious words many people grow up saying but never knowing what it means. Go ahead and ask your neighbor in the pew what ''hallowed'' means .... How did you do?

To ''hallow'' means to greatly honor or treat as holy. The Lord's Prayer teaches us to pray that God's Name will be treated with the greatest of honor: ''Hallowed be thy Name.''

I recently learned of a college student who is the first person in his family to go to college. When, recently, someone offered this student some illegal drugs saying, ''Go ahead, try it. It'll make you feel good,'' the student replied, ''No.'' ''Don't be so uptight,'' said the drug dealer. ''Nobody is going to know that you tried a little dope, got a little high.''

''That's not the point,'' said the student. ''The point is that my mother cleaned houses and washed floors to send me to this college. I am here because of her. I am here for her. I wouldn't do anything that might demean her sacrifice for me.'' (1).

This college student was honoring his mother's name by being faithful to her expectation that he would respect what she had done for him. ''I wouldn't do anything that might demean her sacrifice for me.'' - he was ''hallowing his mother's name.''

There are people who haven't come to know anything in life that they call sacred - they have nothing which they hallow or treat as holy.

I sometimes read the ''personal'' ads in the paper. Here's one from an eastern seaboard paper:

''I am a 58 year old woman looking for something meaningful, interesting, and fun. I like C-span, Bill Moyers, Times crosswords, Mario Cuomo, Nevada. I don't like George Will, R.J. Reynolds, computer talk, fundamentalists, California. I have limited stamina and resources, and looking for ideas for my life.''

T ...

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