by Dr. Ed Young

Final Exam
H. Edwin Young
Genesis 44:1-34

Some of us are old enough to remember when the four- minute mile was a big, big deal. Did you know that for thousands of years, no one could run the mile under four minutes. All kinds of training methodology was employed, trying to get the best athletes to run under
four minutes. It was one of those barriers finally the scholars and the physiologists set up, and they said, "Nobody will ever run the mile under four minutes." And they had all kinds of reasons: lung capacity, bone structure, wind resistance, feet, all kinds of reasons
were given by scholars, beginning from the first Olympics all the way until this modern era. Until that dramatic moment that suddenly a guy named Roger Banister of England ran the mile under four minutes. That which all the ages said was impossible, Banister accomplished. Did you know that 12 months after he ran that four-minute mile, that 37 other people did it?
Did you know the next year following his breaking the four-minute mile, over 300 people accomplished that feat? In fact, in America in some high school meets, three, four or five kids now will break that four-minute mile barrier, will run the mile in less than four minutes. Everybody said from the dawn of track history, it could not be accomplished. But once it was
accomplished, it seems like it's almost the norm today if you're going to be a miler, at least on the college level in national and international competition, you'd have to run the mile under four minutes.

We look at the life of Joseph and we would say, "It is impossible to straighten out that rotten family." With the cheater, the supplanter as the head of the household, "Big Jake," running his ranch out there in West Canaan, and with those ten rotten, corrupt, half-brothers -- you name it, they had already done it! No way that God could use that family again. Maybe Joseph
that He had put in isolation out there in Egypt. Maybe He could just start with Joe a ...

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