by Dr. Ed Young

#683 October 2, 1988-AM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Genesis 42:1-28
As we continue our study of Joseph, I hope everyone has your Bible open to
Genesis. We'll look at the 42nd chapter, Verse 1 through Verse 28, as we look
at God's boy, Joe, together. Let's bow for prayer:
"Father, how many times we've all been to church and we've recognized that the
power of Your Spirit was there, that You were seeking to deal with us, but
somehow we dodged Thy truth. We allowed our minds to wander. We missed what
You wanted to say because of our own coldness and indifference. Oh, Lord, our
Lord, we ask that Thou would quicken us in this hour. Give us a sensitivity
to Thee and to Thy Word. Lord, You speak. Let me get out of the way so that
Thy Word and Thy truth might not only be heard, but may it be received and
understood, incorporated and applied into our living. For we pray in the
strong name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
The life of Joseph, the prime minister of Egypt, was fabulous, fabulous
indeed. He had everything anyone could have asked for. All of his appetites,
all of his senses were thoroughly satisfied. He had several palaces, more
rooms than he could count. He had slaves and assistants and administrative
chiefs who were there to do all that he desired to have accomplished.
Wouldn't you like to have walked with this former slave as he went through
those palaces that were now his for the first time? The wood would be
wonderful academia. He would look at the furniture, ebony, beautifully carves.
The carpets would cause you to sink deeper than you could imagine. They would
have been beautifully woven or perhaps you would step on the hide of skins of
lions and leopards and other exotic animals. You would go out into open
spacious courtyards, and there would be the sycamore and the palm trees. You
could smell an aroma in the air of all the perfumes of that ancient world put
in vases, or perhaps in this atmosphere you would sa ...

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