by Dr. Ed Young

#681 September 25, 1988 - AM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Genesis 41:1-41
We have four men at this moment seeking two offices, the office of President
and the office of Vice President of the United States. How do you make a
choice? How do you discover the best man for the job? Who would have the
gift of discernment? I think it would have helped if you and I would have had
the privilege of being in a clas room with each one of these candidates.
Somehow in school when you take a class with somebody, you get to know the
kind of person they really are. For example, I believe if you had been in
school with Vice President George Bush, he would have been the kind of student
who would have lifted his hand and said, "Teacher, don't forget the homework."
If I believe that we had been in class with Dukakis, I believe he would have
been the kind of student who would have said, "Yes, I've got my homework, but
I'm not going to let you look at it." Now, if you'd been in class with Lloyd
Bentsen, he was the kind of student who would get up his homework and he'd
say, "I want you to look at it, but it's going to cost you." Quayle would
have been the kind of student who would have said, "What homework?"
We do not have the opportunity of going to school with all of those who seek
public office. In fact, it's hard to know very much about other people,
really, as we meet them in a precursory kind of open-handed way, unless you
have the chance to walk around inside their lives in various circumstances.
And we are indeed privileged to open God's Word to the book of Genesis and
look at these thirteen-plus chapters that deal with one personality, and
that's the man Joseph. Of all the very important biblical people we meet in
Genesis, we know more about Joseph than any of the others. And he was indeed
a phenomenal, phenomenal man. But can't you imagine about this time, Joseph
is beginning to ask some questions like, "God, what are you trying to ...

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