by Dr. Ed Young

#659 May 1, 1988 - AM a)
Hosea 9:1-17
If a man couldn't preach after that, he ought to turn in his polyester suit
and his hair spray. Thank you, choir. You always speak to our hearts. Hope
you have your Bibles open to the book of Hosea. We've been studying Hosea for
a long time, and everybody can tell you about the first three chapters, but
most of us are biblically ignorant about the final eleven chapters of this
tremendous, tremendous study in God's Word. We're in Hosea, Chapter Number 9.
Let's bow for prayer together.
"Father, we seek Thy truth. Let it be penetrating and accurate as it deals
with those areas of our lives that need exposure to the light. You speak.
Let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy message alone might be
heard, it might be received, Thy truth might be understood and incorporated
into our living. For we make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our blessed
Lord. Amen."
There are times in our lives and periods in history when all the facts seem to
be on the side of the irreligious. We look at one catastrophe after another,
we go through personal suffering, heartache, frustration, and death, and
sickness, and finally we get to the point though we may never verbalize it, we
ask it a million and one times inside our hearts and inside our minds, "God,
where are You?" "God, if You are there anywhere, speak! Do something! Let
me know that You're around." And in spite of church and hymns and prayer and
Bible and testimony from other folks and witness in our lives in years gone
by, there are occasions in which every man, and I believe every woman if we're
honest, would say, "God, where are You?" We would ask the question the
psalmist asked in Psalm 22, "Where is thy God?" Life is empty, sin is
rampant, depression is overbearing... "I need God...Where is God?"
Francis Schaeffer has written a book entitled, The God Who is There. It's a
legitimate title. Because in one sense, God i ...

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