by Dr. Ed Young

#657 April 17, 1988 - PM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hosea 6:1-7:16
Well, everybody played in Houston today but the Houston Oilers. And who won?
Won everything? Did the Astros win? Did the Rockets win? Well, God's gonna
win tonight. That's for sure. Hope you have your Bibles open to Hosea.
We're going to look at two chapters tonight. I hope you have a pencil, pen in
your hand and you'll write in your Bible. If you use a pew Bible.. .I don't
know hTow- much they cost... we'lill sell you one, I guess. What do pew Bibles
cost? Where's Mr. Maxfield? What'd we pay? What does each pew Bible...?
Does anybody know? What'd...when we bought...Mr. Bracewell, how much did we
pay for these sh... ch..Five dollars a piece? Did we? Really? Is that all?
He's chairman of the Building Committee. How many do you have at your house,
Mr. Bracewell? How many have you taken home is what I want to know. If you
want to take one home with you.. .Do we have any extra ones? Just write in
that one. You know, the hymn books in churches and Bibles in churches, you
have to buy double, because they drift off. We don't mean to take them off,
but they just somehow disappear on us. I want everybody just for fun to close
your eyes. I don't want anybody peeping. This is just a really private
confession. Just close your eyes. EVERY head bowed, every eye closed.
Nobody peeping, nobody peeping. Don't look now. We're going to start off
with the choir. How many of you in the choir have a hymnal at your home or
apartment.. don't look.. .I don't want to see you peeping.. that's not. that
belongs to the church. Would you lift up your hand right here? Don't nobody
look but me. Well, there's three that do not have a... How many in the pew
have either a Bible or hymnal, you've accidentally put it...would you lift
your hand way up high, way up high like that. I want you to know on behalf of
this church as the pastor, I want to give you those hymn books and those ...

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