by Dr. Ed Young

#656 April 10, 1988-AM 1 4
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hosea 5:1-15
If you'd open your Bibles this morning to the book of Hosea, Chapter Number 5,
and we will complete the book of Hosea. Chapter 5, we'll look at the entire
chapter in our study this morning. Let's go to the Lord in prayer together.
"Father, we thank You for music that thrills us and lifts us up in a way that
nothing else can. For Your words that come through and touch those chords of
sentimentality, that open us up for the gospel as the gospel is enunciated
through those very words. And now, Father, on this beautiful day, refreshen
us and quicken us and give us an unusual sense of concentration as we seek to
know Thy truth, yea, Lord, to act and live on the basis of that truth and to
be so open and submissive to Thee that as we hear Thy word, that still small
voice, may it be of life-changing power so that hundreds of us gathered here
today will never be the same, our lives will be radically different, because
Thou hast come and forgiven and cleansed and quickened and changed. Lord, we
look around us and the truth is nothing changes very much because nothing can
change very much because of the determinism of Your creation. But, oh, Lord,
we praise You in this hour that men and women can change.. teenagers can
change by Thy power and through Thy grace. Lord, You speak. Let me get out
of the way so that Thy word and Thy truth alone might not only be heard but
may it be received and understood and incorporated into our lifestyles. Yea,
Lord, may we never be the same because Thou hast dealt with us in this place
today, this place of worship, for we pray through Jesus Christ. Amen."
A young man fell in love with a beautiful young lady. Sounds familiar,
doesn't it? It just rings of the springtime. They were a hopelessly and
helplessly in love; they got married; they had their first child; and all
would predict, "There's a couple to watch. ...

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