by Dr. Ed Young

#651 February 21, 1988-PM
Hosea 2:1-23
It was a shock to Hosea to come home and to find Lo-ammi crying, and to see
Jezreel and Lo-ruhamah seated at a table without food. No warning that it
would happen this day, but Gomer, the mother, the wife, left the family.
Hosea didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to think. He knew for a
long time that Gomer was unfaithful to him. He'd learned to live with that,
painfully, shamefully. But now she left to go and live with her lovers. And
Hosea must have just wept and wept himself to sleep after he prepared a meal
for the children. And he must have cried out to God, "Why, God?" And God
must have reminded him, "I warned you. I told you this would happen."
We remember now the book of Hosea is a pageant. It's a play in human life.
So to the prophet Hosea happened these experiences so he would be able to
understand the nature and the character of God, when Israel went away into
whoredom, when we today go away from God into whoredom in our own lives. So
this play in the life of Hosea as he is put on that hot anvil of suffering,
shame, and sin, he experiences this as preparation for understanding God and
being able to rightly divide God's prophetic word through his life.
Powerful... powerful is all we can say about this word.
Gomer we remember and have decided without question, she was a good-looking
gal. How do we know that? Anyone named Gomer who was sought after by men
must have been good-looking or the name alone would have disqualified her.
And we can see and imagine that she went off with one of the leaders of the
community there in Samaria. He was a man of prestige, a man not too hung-up
on Yahweh and Jehovah and law and temple and synagogue and prayer.. .the
Talmud, the Mishnah meant nothing to him. He was a man of the world, a man of
means, a man liberated from all the shackles of religion.
Gomer started off driving around in a brand-new red Cadillac convertible with
lea ...

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