by Dr. Ed Young

H. Edwin Young
December 20, 1987
Matthew 1:23; Galatians 4:4; John 1:1,14

Anyone who has had even a small part in the birth of a
baby knows what is meant when you hear the words,
"It's time." "It's time." I can tell you one thing,
when my three boys were born, JoBeth was far, far more
relaxed than the father. I was nervous, excited,
afraid, frustrated, and I was getting so anxious that
as she would check those contractions, that we
wouldn't get to the hospital soon enough because I was
paranoid about it. Uh, my first son was born, we lived
50 miles from the nearest hospital. And that'll really
make you alert. But I'll never forget when she said,
"It's time, it's time." There's something about that
phrase that just, that shakes us all up. All mothers
and all father know exactly what I'm talking about.

A few years back, a nurse in my church told me of
being on duty when a young father and expectant mother
rushed into the hospital and they didn't quite make it
and she said they had the baby in the elevator of a
local hospital. She said everything was fine, all the
doctors were in attendance, it was normal, but the
mother was so upset. She said, "I'm embarrassed, I'm
just terribly embarrassed. What an awful thing to have
a baby in the elevator of a hospital." And one nurse
there was seeking to console her and said, "Don't be
upset about this. You know, two years ago, I was on
duty and and a woman, uh, didn't make it in the
hospital, she had the child on the front steps." And
the little mother in the elevator said, "I know, that
was me too."

The scripture says, "And they shall find a babe
wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger." There
was no room in the inn, they didn't make it to the
inn. So, Jesus, the Almighty Son of God, Emanuel, God
with us, was born in a barn, actually a stable in a
cave, was born in a feeding trough, a manger. But I'll
tell you, I have a feeling that whe ...

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