by Dr. Ed Young

#745 July 16, 1989 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Jude 22-25
We're glad you're here tonight. People always make me angry on Friday when they
say, "Have a good weekend." I don't know when I've had a good weekend. Pastors,
preachers don't have fun on the weekend. That may sound strange to you, but it's
absolutely true. The weekends are tough. It's an awesome thing to think that
you have to try to say a word from God, and I've never been confident enough or
Godly enough or Spirit filled enough, I guess, to think I can just stand up and
just say, "This is from God." I can't do that. It's painful for me, because I
have to preach all this to me first. Then when the Word of God is that two-edged
sword, and it strikes fire in your life and in my life. It's exhausting. It...
It's painful to examine yourself. It's painful to try to enunciate and to speak
and teach a word from His word. But, I'm grateful you're here tonight. We're
thankful for the choir, the joy we've had in worship and for the thrill we've
enjoyed together in studying the little book of Jude. Who would've thought it?
Jude, the vestibule of Revelation. Jude, a little manual, a survival manual for
the Christian- Lt's- liik we're in a lifebiaat and the shipD has gone down and
we're wondering how we're going to survive in the turbulent sea. And there's a
manual there and we pull out the manual. We begin to read it and we say: This
is how we're going to stay on top of the water. We look around the world today,
we see so much disbelief, unbelief, ungodliness. We see hypocrisy and an
anynomian spirit in the churches. We see liberalism on every hand, we see the
the people that I am not going to tolerate (and this is the one word that's the
theme of Jude). It's the word 'godlessness' or 'ungodliness.' Godlessness. I'm
not going to tolerate it. And so we know that when Methuselah died you had the
first drop of water. Rain began to fall upon the judgment which was the ...

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