by Dr. Ed Young

#744 July 16, 1989 - A.M.
(Transcribed for actual tape)
Our scripture is Jude verse 12 through verse 21. Twelve through twenty-one.
If you didn't bring a Bible, there's one in the pew there. I hope you will
follow along with us. Let's bow for prayer.
"Father, we are indeed sinners saved by grace. We're not people here as
a folk who've been measured for our wings, but we're here, Father,
seeking Thy truth, understanding and Thy mind. Touch our hearts, our
sensitivity; lead us to get ourselves in such a position that we're
willing through your strength and your power to make radical, radical
changes in the way we think and the way we speak, yea, in the way we live
and the way we relate to other people. Lord, you speak; let me get out
of the way so that Thy word and Thy truth might not only be heard; may it
be received and understood and incorporated into our living." For I make
this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen."
Apostacy. False teachers. Liars. Deceivers. Falling away from the faith.
Judgement. Hell. Now this is what Jude has been reminding us of in his book.
And I think all of us understand and know that we live in an apostate time in
history. The Twentieth Century. And all of us are surrounded by a hurricane
of godlessness. And to be honest with you, because we seek to know God and
because so many of us desire to be Christians, we're wondering what's going to
happen to us. What's our future? What's the prognosis? We live in this kind
of demonic decadent world - what about you and what about me?
Now a lot of people have the idea that the Kingdom of God is going to get more
powerful and more powerful and more powerful and the Kingdom of God is going
to push the kingdom of Satan into the Atlantic, in the Pacific Ocean and if we
have to we'll push ole' Satan over into Canada or shove him down into Mexico.
Now some people have that idea.
Other people have the idea the kingdom of Satan is going to ...

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