by Dr. Ed Young

#743 July 9, 1989 - PM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Jude 14 - 16
They gonna just tear Galveston up, next Saturday. Have you ever seen, like
the mosquito-s, i1n your- life? And here we are tal-king atout clouds without
water. I went in my background, yesterday and I was out in the back and
these mosquitos were everywhere and I heard two of them talking and one of
them said, "Let's take him over the fence, before the big ones get him."
We didn't get through with the water, this morning. Hope you have your
Bibles open to the Book of Jude. If you don't know what we're doing, we're
wading in difficult, difficult territory; because Jude will just about
scare you to death . . . or, I pray, scare you to life. It'll do it. So,
we've been studying Jude. This morning we tried to study verse 8 through
13; and we just kind of stopped about three fourths the way through and
said, like Dennis the Menace said at the end of his prayer on his knees,
"Lord, until tomorrow night . . . same time, same place, same station, this
is Dennis the Menace, saying 'Amen'." Now, that's what we did this
morning. We just stopped and said, "Until, tonight." We'll pick up and
look at the rest of this passage.
Let's bow for prayer, together.
"Father, we praise You. We love You. We thank You, for the
- 2 -
ministry of music . . . for the thrill that goes through us, when
we hear these great choruses, these magnificent anthems that so
beautifully tell of your grace. And oh, Lord, we're always
touched when these who've come to Christ, who have been into this
family, enter the waters of baptism and preach such powerful
sermons to us and we see those acts of humility and those
witnesses that tell us of the death and the resurrection and give
to us promise of life everlasting. Father, we trust in this
service, that You will speak, let me get out of the way, so that
Thy word and Thy truth might be heard, received, understood. And
Lord, through the s ...

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