by Dr. Ed Young

#741 July 2, 1989 - AM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Jude 5 - 7
Phil just sort of gets us ready for the Fourth of July. We're looking
forward to the concert, tonight. The great time of celebration with all of
our adult choir, in attendance. And our dear brother, Phil, who will be
here to inspire and lead us in this wo-rh-ip experience.
We're studying the Book of Jude. Hope you have your Bibles open, we're
going to look at three verses, today. Jude, one chapter, twenty-five
verses, we'll look at verse five and verse seven. Let's pray together.
Our heavenly Father, we're to do business with Thee. Speak to us
and directly in this hour. Let me get out of the way, so that
Thy word and Thy truth, might not only heard, but may it be
received and understood and applied into our lifestyles. Let me
get out of the way, Lord. So that only Jesus Christ will be
lifted up. For we pray in His name, the name that's above every
name . . . in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Supreme Court's had a very difficult three weeks and my judgment has made a
very, very poor decision concerning the right of individuals under the
First Amendment to burn the flag of the United States. I guess I was a
child and remember too clearly the bodies that came back, wave after wave;
the second World War, the Korean War and Vietnam and the caskets that were
covered by the Red, White and the Blue. I've always been patriotic. I
don't know why. There's been within me a deep love for our nation and the
symbcl of our nation to me, is the flag. We have laws that govern how it
is to be handled; procedure as to how it is to be flown and ali the rest of
it. But now under the auspices of the First Amendment, somehow the flag
has to be desecrated as we saw it take place in Iran, as we have seen it
take place in Syria, as we have see it take place in other nations, who
were protesting the American way of life. I certainly hope and pray the
Supreme Court, as it seemingly ...

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