by Dr. Ed Young

#738 June 18, 1989 - AM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Proverbs 8:35-36
I'm going to trust, today, to read our text . . . which is the general
truth. But I want you to open your Bibles to Proverbs, chapter seventeen.
We'll have an overview of the Book of Proverbs, beginning first in this
particular chapter. Let's go to the Lord in prayer.
Father, so many things are shaking in this old world. Teach us
as Thy children, to masor updo those things which are unshakabl-.
Speak clearly to us, in this hour. Let me get out of the way, so
that Thy word and Thy truth, might not only be heard, but may it
be received and understood and incorporated into our living. Do
business in our lives, Oh, Lord, we pray . . . through Jesus
Christ. Amen.
A crowd gathered around the prize hog, at the Livestock Show. This hog was
everything a hog ought to be. Hair was combed and parted in the middle . .
. . perfectly developed, big bow around his neck, a braided rope, hooves
manicured that would have been a tribute to a Hollywood moviestar. This
hog was a prize winner. Everybody gathered to see. Now, the boy that was
charged with the responsibility of looking after this hog, of holding the
rope . . . you would guess, had been selected, in stark contrast, to make
the hog look better. He was seedy, dirty . . . teeth were yellow. And you
would think he was trying to personally burn up cigarette in the world. He
reeked with the smell of alcohol. Hollow chested, unkept . . . and when he
would speak, his vocabulary was filled with one vulgarity, one profanity
after another. Now, the amazing thing is; the owner of the hog and the
father of the boy was the same man. In the hog business, he was a
tremendous success. In the boy business, he was a terrible failure.
When I think of a father who fails, my mind always runs quickly to King
David in the Bible. And some of the saddest words I have ever read, are
found there in the utterance of Davi ...

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