by Dr. Ed Young

#735 June 4, 1989 - AM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Ephesians 5:25-32
H. Edwin Young

Parallel passages today, found in Ephesians 5 and First Peter 3, as we bow
for prayer, together.

Father, it is a holy moment when we come into Thy presence;
especially when we're gathered here with the community of faith,
our family. Lord, You speak now, to us and through us. Let me
get out of the way, so that Thy word and Thy truth alone, might
be heard. We know the hearing is just the beginning. Give us
the strength to apply it, guided by Thy Spirit, in our every day
living. For this is our prayer, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Dr. James Dobson tells of receiving a letter from a woman, who told about
living in a little apartment with her husband. And the first year of their
marriage, they noticed there was noise around in the ceiling and finally,
they discovered that a mouse was living there with them.

If you know anything about a woman, you know they can take a lot of things,
but mice and lizards are not two of them. And so, this energetic husband
went out and got a little trap, said Dr. Dobson and baited it. And sure
enough, in a day or two, they caught that little rodent. But then they had

a problem. They didn't want to kill him in cold blood. They didn't want
to let him go. And so the letter said, they got a bucket of water and they
put that cage, mouse and all, in that bucket of water. And decided that
the most compassionate thing they could do, would be drown the little
rascal. And so they put him in the water and they couldn't watch his
struggling and so they went out for a couple of hours.

When they came back in, they discovered that the cage was entirely covered,
but there was just about that much, at the top, that was not under water.
And that little mouse had discovered the same thing and was standing on one
toe, with his nose, just about that much above the water.

Now, the letter ...

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