by Dr. Ed Young

#734 May 28, 1989 a.m.
(transcribed from actual tape)
Ephesians 5:22-23
If you would open your Bibles to Ephesians, chapter number 5, as we bow for prayer
Father, we seek truth from Thy Word. Forgive us when we refuse or
try to dodge being under the authority of scripture. We know that it's
plain and clear and revealing and sometimes even the commands are
difficult, but we pray that you will give us spiritual understanding in
this hour. You speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy Word
and Thy Truth might be heard, received, understood and incorporated
into our living. For we make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Colonel Baron General George Von Trapp whistles a series of notes and all
of his children come tumbling and scrambling down the stairs and they line
up in descending order, according to their age, while an astonished Maria
looks on. Now a lot of people think that scene from The Sound of Music is
the way the head of the household should run the family. But I think we
know that really is not the case.
Others today, when they get married, not only do they sign the marriage
license, but also their attorneys come in and they agree to another kind of
contract. A contract that says clearly what will happen if the divorce takes
place, how the property will be divided and it spells out exactly where the
wife is charge and where the husband is in charge and some people are led
to believe that this secular contract will greatly enhance the relationship with
the husband and the wife. A lot of people today argue about the biblical
principles that revolve around marriage. Some people argue about these
principles and say, "I am categorically against them." and they don't even
understand them. Others understand the biblical Christian principles of
marriage and they say, "I choice not to believe. I choice not to practice
those principles." But let me tell you something ladies and gentlem ...

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