by Dr. Ed Young

#733 May 21, 1989 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Ephesians 4:15
... open today, to our scripture. Ephesians 4, verse 1 5;
"But speaking the truth and love, we are to grow up in all aspects unto
Him who is the head - even Christ."
Let's bow for prayer, together.
Father, we thank You for this service of music, tonight . . . for these
children, for their families. And we pray now, as we consider marriage
and we look at the relationship between the husband and wife. That
truly, You will speak again to us, during these moments. Let me get
out of the way, so that Thy word alone might be heard. For we pray
in Jesus' name. Amen.
You're having trouble in your marriage. Head-on tackling is the order of the day.
You have three choices. Choice number one, get a divorce. I've had it. We're
through. I can't handle this any longer. Choice number one is a very immature
Choice number two, head-on tackling in a marital relationship. We're not going to
get divorced, but we're going to live together and just tough this thing out. Let
her live in her world and I'll live in my world, when we have to meet for
appearances or have to speak to stay under the same roof.
. . okay, but we're just going to grin and bear it . . . come what may. Now choice
number two is a poor choice, but it, I guess, is a better choice than choice number
one . . . but thank God, there is a third choice.
And the third choice is, I am going to use Bible principles, God's way for marriage
and a relationship with my wife, with my husband and I am going through love
to build an intimate marriage. And the choice needs to be, I'm going to make this
choice, even though my mate may make a different choice. This is the choice, I'm
going to make. Now, I want everyone here tonight to picture that in your mind,
if you're marriage, see those three choices. If you're married and divorced, start
where you are, as you seek to ...

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