by Dr. Ed Young

1730 May 14, 1989 - AM
(Transcribed Frao actualp tae)
Exodus 1 & 2
Hope you'll open your Bibles to the book of Exodus, chapter number one. As
we bow for prayer, together.
Our Heavenly Father, we come to worship Thee. It's been an
exciting service of praise and song and anthem, of giving and
listening for Thee. We are prepared to do business with Thee,
Lord. Touch us, in a deep profound area of our living. You
speak, let me get out of the way, so that Thy word and Thy truth
might be heard, received, understood and put in practice, every
day in which we live. For we make this prayer thTr-oughT- Jesu&
Christ, our Lord. Amen.
There's a lot of pressure packed stressful positions in our world. But I
know of no position, no calling, that is filled with more stress than that
vocation, we call "Mother"l. To be a mother, today is something. Our
society in this hour expects more of mothers than any period in the history
of mankind. Most of us would say, we want an old fashioned wife and
mother, whose dedicated to the husband, the children and the home.
But also in our society, we'd make another statement, we want a
companion-type wife/mother. Who is skilled at golf and tennis and even
- 2-
today, they're expected to go hunting. And we would push and say, she must
be slim and bright and attractive and able to entertain all of our husband
business associates.
So we need an old fashioned mom, that's one role we ask for, and almost
demand. We need a companion-type wife and mother, who covers all these
But also we need a career-type. Who shares in all the expenses of the home
and the car and clothing the children and is a part of the decision making
process equal on every level.
So the modern wife/mother is faced with being old fashioned on the one
hand, companion on the other, career-type on the other; and therefore, the
whole business of being a female parent is just crammed full of pressure
and st ...

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