by Dr. Ed Young

#725 April 23, 1989 - PM
(Transcribed from actual tape)
Hebrews 12:3-17
We need to begin tonight by review. I like to see if anybody's listening.
And we've been talking about what passage in scripture, primarily?
Deuteronomy 6, 4 through 9 and the name for that is the . . ? Shemah.
Shemah. Shemah. Alright. And we've discovered in this, that the first
responsibility that we have as parents is to love God, with all of our
hearts, soul, mind, body, strength. That's our first responsibility, as
parents. Is to love with everything we have. And our next responsibility
as parents, we are to teach. What primarily are we to teach? Let me,
wait, hold that question. Don't answer that yet.
Let's move back to what I said in the beginning, that's not really clearly
taught here. That every parent needs to know about their child. What is
it? They're different. That's not what I said. That's part of it.
Primarily, we have to come to the first precept, the first understanding of
a child. They have a warp and a bent toward evil. Now, if you don't
understand- that, you're not going to make- it with your child. It's not
only true of your child, it was true of you. It's true of everybody. It's
Finally, after a long time, the secular world has come, to pretty much,
agree with that. Therefore, we have to train. And we are to train,
- 2-
primarily by what means, do we use? Words, right? But the words have
validity only when they are lived out in deed. In other words, unless my
life is compatible with that which I seek to teach my children, my teaching
will be invalid and ineffective. Right? And we use words to teach and we
teach, when? We teach all the time. Isn't that what the Shemah tells us?
We teach when we sit down. And when do we normally sit down with the
family? What's happening? We're eating. Get a lot of response on that.
We are eating.
And we teach our children, when we walk around. When we're doing things
with ...

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