by Dr. Ed Young

#1000 February 13, 1994 - p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Ecclesiastes 9: 1 -18
Listen to what I read you this morning in the American Standard, exactly what's said
in the Living Bible. A little different.
"And again I looked, said Solomon, throughout the earth and saw that the
swiftest person does not always win the race nor the strongest man the battle
and that wise men are often poor and skillful men are not necessarily famous,
but it is all by chance, by happening to be at the right place at the right time.
A man never knows when he's going to run into bad luck<. He's like a fish
caught up in a net or a bird caught in a snare. Here is another thing that has
made a deep impression on me, wrote Solomon. As I have watched human
affairs, there was a small city with only a few people living in it and a great king
came with his army and besieged it. And there was in the city a wise man,
very poor. And he knew what to do to save the city and so it was rescued.
But afterwards no one thought any more about him. Then I realized that though
wisdom is better than strength, nevertheless, if the wise man is poor, he will
be despised. And what he says will not be appreciated. But even so the quiet
words of a wise man are better than the shout of a king of fools. Wisdom is
better than the weapons of war. But one rotten apple can spoil a barrel full."
Father, speak clearly to us again. May we not just hear Your truth but may we
respond to it. When you touch sensitive areas in our hearts, in our lives, may
we not rationalize your touch. But, Lord, may we in a serious way say You
have spoken, I have heard. Dear Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit
as I seek to represent Jesus Christ, may I change and live out this which I know
to be from You. This is our prayer, Lord. You speak, let me get out of the
way. in Je-su&' name. Ame-n.
A city was under siege. A wise man had the answer. In our little drama, it w ...

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