by Dr. Ed Young

#997 February 6, 1994- 9:40 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Ecclesiastes 9:1-10
For eight chapters we have studied Solomon's under-the-sun lifestyle. Remember
Solomon cut that strand and decided early in his life to live in terms of this world and
this world alone. But to Solomon's credit he said that his life had to be meaningful.
Just to live, just to exist, just to go through the motions was not enough for Solo-
man. He said I want it all to mal ci!itLres ajand all opeonle and all times have explored. It should be very, very familiar to
us. Solomon looked at six specific areas of life to see if he could find significance and
value. And in all six of these areas he said the whole shooting match, the whole
business of being alive really is just an experience of vanity.
Now where did he search for meaning? He looked at wisdom, pleasure, power,
wealth, ethics, and religion. Now notice something. He wanted to find enough
wisdom to satisfy his mind. He wanted to find enough pleasure to satisfy his body.
He wanted to find enough wealth to fill his pocl satisfy his ego. He wanted to find enough ethics to satisfy his conscience. And by
ethics here we mean helping other people, doing good, altruism, philanthropic
endeavors, ethics. And he wanted to find enough religion to satisfy his spirit. And
the religion we're tallking about here is the religion of and under-the-sun understanding
of God. God is that holy other, that power, that force. God to Solomon was an "it"
not a "Thou." God was a "am" and not and "I Am." And that kind of God, the God
of nature, does not fill the hole that is within your heart or even the hole that is within
your head.
Now notice something about Solomon's pursuits. His fourth five areas were for
himself. Wealth. Pleasure. Power. That's... those... these are for himself. The first
four. Lool< at it. And then the fif ...

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