by Dr. Ed Young

#993 January 9, 1994 - 9:40 a.m.
ftranscribed from. tape)
I Samuel 23:15-18
This is the "Year of the Friend" in our church. Every year we have an overriding
theme that speaks to what we're about as a congregation. They say many things
about our church but one thing I hear repeatedly "That's a friendly church; that's an
exciting place to go." To be part of this church is to be friendly, it's to reach out for
people. Our guests are really our honored celebrities that meet with us Sunday by
Sunday. If you'll go to the end of the pew and get one of those stacks that look like
this. There may be two. You get only one of them, if you would. And just pass...
everyone get an envelope if you would. Everyone would get one of these envelopes.
And if you'll reach inside that envelope and get all the stuff that's inside out of it, it'll
tell you how we're going to celebrate this year of the friend. Somebody said what in
the world! That's how I felt. We're making sound effects here. That's angel wings
flapping together! I can tell!
Alright. Does everybody have this? Just follow along with me and I'll tell you what
this is about. First of all, this is a plan which we're going to read through the Bible
together. Again, I'm ahead of you. I started January 1, reading through the Bible.
You can start today and you can finish a little late or you can catch up. This is a plan
whereby you can read through the Bible. You have a passage in Genesis, a passage
in Matthew. You have a psalm and you have a proverb and you'll read the entire Bible
this year. This is a plan as to how we'll do that together. We'll go Genesis all the
way through the Old Testament. Matthew. All the way to Revelation. Then you
have Proverbs and Psalms every single day. So this is a plan by which this "Year of
the Friend" we will read through the Bible together.
Now, and then as we read through the Bible in our quiet time we need to pray for
people. I want you to look at thi ...

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