by Dr. Ed Young

#985 October 31, 1993 - 9:40 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Sometimes spiritual sleepers have to be shocked. Sometimes spiritual sleepers have
to be scandalized. Jesus was very good at this. He took a prostitute and used his
meeting with a prostitute as an illustration to teach worship. "Go and call your
husband," he said to the Samaritan woman. She said, "I have no husband." Jesus
said, "You're telling the truth, you've had five husbands and the husband you're
sleeping with right now is really not your husband, it's just a man." The woman was
shocked. She was scandalized. And we are, too. Because Jesus sat down on the
curb of the well and with those steel eyes looked at her and taught her the meaning
of real worship. What is worship? Now if we live between Geoffrey Chaucer and
William Shakespeare and the English language was evolving, there was no word like
worship. You would have to use two words. You would say of God 'worth ship'
meaning that God is important enough, weighty enough, worthy enough to lead us to
awe, to lead us to reverence Him. The word 'worship' has about it to bow down. It's
the idea that He is so heavy we have to bend the knee, we have to bow the neck, we
have to lower the eyes, we have to give honor to Him because He is worthy of our
'worth ship.'
Our scripture today is all about worship. Solomon is giving us his spiritual
autobiography and it is a confessional. He is telling it all. He is an old man. He's
been there, done that, and he's saying now I'm going to tell you about my life. And
he's talking about worship. And he is confessing in this passage that his worship was
not genuine, it was not real. Jesus described Solomon's worship as he talked to
another group about their worship. He said you honor me with your lips but your
heart is far from me. In vain you worship me. Solomon had spent an entire life
worshipping God in vain. He built the Temple. He put it all toge ...

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