by Dr. Ed Young

#974 June 27, 1993 - 9:40 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Matthew 25:31-46
If you open your Bibles to our scripture of the morning, the book of Matthew, chapter
number 25. We'll study beginning with verse 31 through verse 46. Let's bow for
prayer together.
Father, quiet us and still us as we seek Thy face, as we seek Thy truth. Lord,
You speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy word may be heard, Thy
word may be understood, and Father, may we understand that if this worship
is to be valid, we must leave this place putting Your truth into practice with
every step of our life. For this is our prayer through Jesus Christ our living
Lord. Amen.
We've been studying the parables. And the parables are not bedtime stories. The
parables are more like trumpets that blast and trumpets that sound to wake us up.
And, I think, especially is this true of the parable that we're looking up today.
What if when you walked out of this worship service, there was a tree out there that
was barren of any foliage. But as you walked out, in ten seconds time, fooooom! All
the foliage would be complete on that tree. Leaves just suddenly appeared and were
there on the tree. It's a miracle! But if leaves came on that tree in 10 or 15 days,
we'd say nothing abnormal about that. You see, we get accustomed to slow growth.
But rapid, spontaneous growth just staggers us and we back up and say it's
supernatural. What if when we walked outside there was a voice from heaven ringing
down in quadrophonic sound that would call your name and speak a special word to
you in the hearing of everybody in this world. We would say God has spoken! But
we read His book, we're accustomed to it. Many of the phrases we're ever so familiar
with and we say well, it's just the Bible; it's just the word. Forgetting to our own loss
that the word is a word from God with more validity than any word we could hear
shouted down from heaven. Listen! Matthew 25:31;
"When the Son ...

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