by Dr. Ed Young

Treadmills, Stairmasters and Lifecycles
Ed Young
Ecclesiastes 1:3-1 1
August 30, 1993 - 9:40 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)

We're beginning our study of the book of Ecclesiastes. It's very important that we remember that Ecclesiastes asks the question that the rest of the Bible answers. So if you were teaching the Bible, the logical place to begin would be with the book of Ecclesiastes, lesson number 1. And the rest of the Bible would be lesson number 2. Let's pray together.

Father, we're here in Thy house to exalt Thee, to worship Thee, to listen to Thee, and to have the Holy Spirit to do a supernatural work in our lives. May we leave this place not only informed, not only inspired, not only with the inner feeling of: Well, I've done my duty for God this week. But, Father, may we leave this place knowing that we have met with true truth, with reality, even our Savior Jesus Christ. Do business in hearts that are hot for Thee. Do business that are cold for Thee. Do business with lives that are complacent and lives that are hungry for truth. Lord, tabernacle among us. Lord, You speak. Let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Truth might be heard. We might receive it. We might understand it. We may leave this assembly putting it into practice right where we move, right where we live, right where we work is our prayer through Jesus Christ our living Lord. Amen. Pick up the book of Ecclesiastes and read it in a casual, precursory way and you have to step back and ask the question: Why is Ecclesiastes in the Bible? What's it doing in God's word to man? It is an entire book about meaninglessness. And how can something that is about meaninglessness have any meaning or relevance to us? We know that we learn in verse 1 that the title of the book and the author of the book is explained to us. In verse 2 the whole theme, the whole message, the whole premise of Ecclesiastes is stated five times with one word: vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity. And it' ...

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