by Dr. Ed Young

#973 June 20, 1992 - 9:40 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
11 Samuel 18:32
I would be amiss if I did not have a word of gratitude to so many people here who
worked at the convention that we just had in this city. I think somewhere we lost the
name of convention and became a real-time of praise and honor and worship to our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which is what we all prayed about. We had hundreds
and hundreds of people, our choir, Mr. Moore, Mr. Marsh, and all those who
accompany them, all o four soloists. We had 3 or 4 hundred who volunteered, ushers
and microphones, and everything in the world. Some took their vacation. Gary Bond
and others just took off for a week and there were many like that. And I think we just
ought to say to them thank you. I ought to say thank you for a job well done. The
results of all that came when over 2500 men and women just responded to the call
of missions by actually filling out cards and 640 came and said we're ready to go
where God wants me to go. We praise Him for that and we praise the Lord for that.
And all who were involved in any way in the convention activities, the choir, or any
of the other many chores from running back and forth to airports, would you stand up
and the rest of us want to say to you thank you, God bless you for leading in this
way. Would you stand all over wherever you are, young and old. They're all over the
This is Father's Day. A family was baptized this morning among the 21 we baptized
in this service of worship. It all came about because the children went to their daddy
and said, You know, what would you like for Father's Day? And so their gift was for
the whole family who came to Christ, received Him as Lord and Savior, they were
baptized this morning among these others.
Father's Day! Open your Bibles if you would to 11 Samuel, chapter number 18,
beginning with verse 32. II Samuel 18:32;
"Then David the King said to the Cushite, Is it well with the youn ...

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