by Dr. Ed Young

#969 May 16, 1993 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Proverbs 20:6; Galatians 5:23
One of the first things that took place when the Communism was thrown out of
Eastern Europe and Russia was that all the schools of Russia approached Bill Bright
of Campus Crusade and asked Dr. Bright to put in a Bible-teaching curriculum in every
public school in Russia. That every day is getting in place. It is happening throughout
the former communist world and all over Eastern Europe as we speak. At the same
time in America we have done through legislation, through the supreme court, through
state assemblies, etcetera, sought to take God out of schools any way, any shape,
any fashion. Who would have believed? Who would have believed? Who would
have comprehended? It seems to me as most of the world is trying to throw off
socialism, that we in America are trying to marry socialism. I don't understand it. But
one thing I do understand: that we are here today to honor our graduates of junior
high, of high school, of colleges and universities, higher degrees, masters degree,
Phd., etcetera. Because the graduates who are here today along with their families,
I think are here recognizing that a family without the Lord, a country without the Lord
is an empty family and is a hopeless country. And so I want us to honor, to recognize
and to commit to these graduates our prayers as they take not only their erudition, but
they take the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts and in their ministries, in their calling
and then make a difference in the world in which we live.
I want all of those who are graduating at this season of the year, along with their
family, to stand to their feet. Wherever you are. They're all over. Maybe some in the
choir. Some that have led us in music today. Graduates and their families. Thank
you. You may be seated.
Galatians 5, I think has a relevant word for all of us, especially to those in the
graduating mode at this pa ...

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