by Dr. Ed Young

#963 April 4, 1993 - 9:30 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Luke 19:28-42
Some may be confused today and say, you know, it's Easter. I missed a week here
somewhere. Well, I want everyone to maybe reach forward, if you would, and get an
Easter basket. One per family. You may be a family of two or five. Please, one per
family. But if everyone would get one per family and hold it in your hand. If you
would get it and do that for me. If you're not seated with your family you may have
to double up and leave one for the next service. We've got another worship service
coming in top of this one. Most of us know that. But we're going to have time
logistically so when you leave if you'd just have one per family that would help us.
A single adult would be a family of one, or two or five. That would help very much.
I think we have plenty of baskets for everyone.
Now. If the person on the right hand side of the pew as well as the left hand side of
the pew would reach under and pass cards down. Everyone get one handful of cards
only. There are two doubling up for services. We can't refurbish. And one will say
'Baskets of Blessing.' A heart. Everyone get one heart each and one will be a card
marked 'Sacrifice.' Everyone get a heart and a card. Each individual will need one.
This looks like a giant Easter egg hunt when I was a boy. We'd always run out. You
know how the guys would do. We'd run out first and think we're going to find all the
eggs. And the little girls would walk around and they just find egg after egg. We'd
be storming around. So everybody would get a heart and a card and a basket. And
if you're not seated with a member of your family, you might just get a basket as well.
You're going to need it. Everyone will need a basket later on. And before you leave
maybe you could just narrow down to one basket in case we don't have enough. I
think we're going to be fine though.
In the balcony? Everyone alright up there? Alright. ...

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