by Dr. Ed Young

#962 March 28, 1993 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Proverbs 1 5:1 3
Those of you who haven't been here on Sunday night, you won't understand this, but
you will in a little bit. We're emphasizing our single adults. We've been here. This
is our fourth Sunday evening - is that right? - together. But tonight's a topic that's
going to cover a lot of things. We've been sort of helping some dating people along.
We sent two couples out on dates and we've given them a hundred dollars. We're
going to have a report from them. Not tonight, but on another night. We've got two
other couples to come. Would Bill Scott and Anna Vogel please come. Welcome.
Bill. Anna, where are you? Would you stand up? Hurry up. Stand up. Hurry
forward here. They're not even sitting together. There they are. Good. Okay. Uh,
Mike and Emily, you come up here also. This couple just got engaged last night,
today. Today! Come on up. We may break up this engagement before we leave
tonight. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Here we go, right here. Good. Well, they were dressed
for the occasion tonight. I see that. Bill. Anna. Come right up. I've got a little test.
I want you guys - here Patrick - don't hurt yourself there. Caught the basketball like
this. Can you believe that? Come on up, folks. Get on up here a little closer here.
What we're going to do is ask some questions, and, uh, you girls are going to be the
uh.... Let's see about the distance here, to shoot that goal. Pretty hard. Left handed.
Left handed. Left handed. Now that's going to be fine. Alright. Here we go. We're
going to ask these girls some questions. Now, if the girl gets the question right,
okay? - the guy won't have to shoot. The line is going to be right along here, I think.
You might get ready to shoot Mike. You're going to go first. Bill, you'll go second.
And now, we're going to ask the question and, uh, then that'll counteract if she
misses. But I am sure these girls know these.. these q ...

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