by Dr. Ed Young

#957 March 14, 1993 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Luke 12:13-34
We're studying the parables, and I hope you already have your Bible open to our
scripture of the morning in Luke chapter number 1 2. We'll look at verse 1 2 through
verse 22 of Luke chapter 12. Let's bow for prayer together.
Father, thank you for the ministry of music, for these who give themselves to
lead us in worship that is indeed triumphal. And worship we trust is a moment
of praise and adoration to Thee. Lord, I pray that You will speak now and let
me get out of the way. Let every person here in this place feel that this time
of gathering and these words and Your scripture and words of proclamation are
especially for them. Lord, may the Holy Spirit so use this time that every
person will feel like that this passage has their name written on it. For this is
our prayer through Jesus Christ our living Lord. Amen.
In your study of the scripture, you can look at the teachings of Jesus and notice how
time after time when he was interrupted while he was teaching, that would be the
moment that he would say something that would be very, very profound. In fact,
Jesus was interrupted time after time after time. And I have noticed that in services
of worship this happens all too often. I remember several months ago I'd begun my
sermon much like today and I noticed that a woman walked in the door right over
there and she began to look around those pews and she looked at those pews over
there. And.. and I said: Well, she's looking for someone and I just kept speaking over
here. And a few minutes she'd move from that section, she was over here walking
around like in a movie theater or a concert looking for somebody. And she looks over
here. And she looks over here. And an usher comes. And my mind while I'm
speaking I'm saying, Well, I hope he, you know, takes her outside or something. But
he evidently started to help her look. And later on I discovered th ...

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