by Dr. Ed Young

#956 March 7, 1993 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
I Corinthians 7:7-9
Tonight I've got bad news and I've got good news. The bad is there's a lot of single
adults in this city that are miserable and unhappy and bored and lonely and confused
because they are single. But I've got good news. There's a lot of wonderful, fine,
fulfilled, excited, thrilling people who are single and are happy. In 1 970 census we're
told that 1 1 million Americans live alone. In 1990 we're told that 23 million
Americans live alone and half of them are 55 and under. And of all places for you to
live in is in Houston, Texas. Most people who study populations believe that Houston,
Texas is the singles capital of the entire world. That there are more singles here in
proportion to the population than any other place on earth. And that's bad news to
some because it means that folks don't get married much in Houston. But it's also
good news for others in that there are more prospects that you could marry than any
other place on this earth. So if you're single tonight or you know some singles
tonight, listen carefully. This is the first of a series of five studies we're going to do
on the single lifestyle. Because we have thousands of people in our church who are
happy and they're single and we have others who are sad and they're single and we
have to understand the biblical- posture at this point.
By way of introduction, I thought of the story of the bird who wanted to fly south for
the winter and the little bird waited and waited until it go so cold and the snow was
falling and the ice and every bird had left but this one little bird. And finally he said:
You know I'd better fly out of here before it's too late and I can't fly out. So he takes
off. He begins to fly. He gets up about 100 feet in the air and his wings freeze. And
he crash lands right in the middle of a field - kapop! And he's frozen. He said: Oh,
uh, isn't this my luck? And about that ...

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