by Dr. Ed Young

was standing by him and said, "Look, that guy asked you what time it was, why
didn't you tell him? You just turned your back. That was very, very rude." He
said, "Listen!" He said-, "That young was obviously a handsome man, he seemed
to be a fine young man, just by looking at him. He asked me what time it was."
He said, "If I had told him the time he would have said thank you and I would have
said you're welcome and he would have said uh, you know where are you going
and I would have told him and we would have struck up a conversation and I
would probably would have liked him a.. and before long he would have worked a
way until he had invited himself to come home and have supper with me. And,"
he said, "I would have invited him to supper, and," Said, "my wife would have
liked him immediately, and we would sit down to eat and my beautiful single
daughter would have come in and," Said, "they would possibly have fallen in love,
and they would have gotten married." He said, "I don't want my daughter
marrying somebody who can't afford a watch!"
Now that's the way it works. We just don't want to get involved with people. It's
expensive to get involved with someone. A lot of people have a pet and the pet
dies. And they say: I don't want another pet because that pet will die and I don't
want to suffer like that. You see, I don't want another friend because I've had
difficulty with friends. I have lost friends. And a friend is very expensive and,
therefore, I don't want a friend. There's a lot of people who say they are
Christians and they come to church and they sit out there in those acres and acres
of pews and your basic philosophy is: I don't want to give anything, I don't want
to do anything, I really don't want to know anybody, I don't want to help anybody;
you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone; I'm going to do my own Christian
thing, stay away from me." And you want to be anonymous out there. And you
can be, especially in ou ...

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