by Dr. Ed Young

#936 October 4, 1992 a.m.
t'rancribed fromn tape)
Hebrews 12:4-12
....17 weeks we're in Hebrews Chapter Number 12. This morning we look at verse
4 through verse 11 of Hebrews Chapter Number 1 2. Let's bow for prayer together.
Father, thank you for the thrill and the spontaneity of worship. And for
the wonderful truth, that where two or three are gathered, You are right
in the middle of them. We praise you for tabernacling among us in this
hour. You speak, Oh Lord, we ask, and let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy message might be heard. It might be received.
It might be understood. And Father, as we leave this assembly, may we
leave refreshed, forgiven, filled with Thy truth and determined to put into
practice Your precepts for radiant living. For we pray through Jesus
Christ our Lord, Amen.
Any one whose ever played for a coach that was a thorough going disciplinarian, you
know what I'm talking about when I speak of agony and suffering. Right? I met such
a coach first when I was in Junior High School. And he would practice us until we
could hardly stand. Then we'd run those infamous wind sprints and finally he would
blow the whistle and he would say "gather around". And we would gather around,
ready to go home, and he would say, "I didn't like the way you looked today. Go run
the steps." Have you ever run the steps in a gymnasium or the steps in a stadium?
I wouldn't recommend it. You run up those steps. You sprint to the top. You run
down those steps. You sprint to the top. Bottom, you run up those steps. I'll tell
you, that coach knew exactly how much energy every one of us had and he drained
it down to the very last drop before death! Death! And when he finally said,
"Practice is over." We didn't trot to the dressing room or walk to the dressing room.
Most of us just fell down right there. And said, "Thank you Lord." And after a while
we might crawl to the dressing room after running the steps. Wat ...

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