by Dr. Ed Young

#935 September 27, 1992 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Philippians 3:4-11
Tonight, we've had a wonderful experience together. If all the boys and girls and
teenagers and every one would just be seated where you are, where ever you are just
be seated. You can lie down, sit up, lean on you left side or your right side. Just
relax just for a moment. Because this is why we are here. The subject I'm going to
deal with tonight, I have never heard it dealt with in any fashion except in passing by
one pastor, who no longer has a church. But I believe it's a very serious word about
a very delicate area of our living. So I want us to bow together for prayer before I
read the scripture.
Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for the fun and the joy and the
fellow-ship of this i veninng, For tf-h hamutfrgar& and the friepnd-s and
neighbors and this wonderful time of celebration in this beautiful spot
where the weather is just perfect to do what You want to do in our
hearts and in our lives. We praise Thee in music. We praise Thee in
prayer. We've enjoyed this wonderful evening together. Now, Father,
give us concentration. May there be a minimum of distractions and may
we center our thoughts on Thee, on Thy word, on Thy truth and Thy
formula for life. You speak, dear God, I have nothing to say. Letme get
out of the way, so that Thy word and Thy truth might heard, and applied
in my life and in all of our lives here for we make this prayer through
Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
In the Bible you will find that there are nine Hebrew words and two Greek words for
our subject. And our subject tonight is, DUNG. Refuse, waste, excrement, feces.
Now, I can tell you, you've never heard a sermon on this before. And you may never
hear one again. It's not a pleasant subject. It's not something you talk about in polite
company. And certainly nothing you would mention you would mention in a church
service except the Apostle Paul and other writers in the Bible ...

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