by Dr. Ed Young

#934 September 27, 1992 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Hebrews 12:1-3
Hope you're ready to set sail this morning. Hebrews chapter number 12, verses 1-3.
You say, "Well, at long last we're through with Hebrews 11. Not really, because
Hebrews 12 verses 1-3, I believe, actually belong in Hebrews 1 1. It should be, these
verses, the climatic words from Hebrews 11, the great Hall of Faith. And I think we
will see how they belong together. Let's bow for prayer together.
Lord, we love You, we praise You, we thank You. Do business in our
lives today as we are gathered in Thy name. Tabernacle among us.
Walk up and down these rows. Walk through these pews. Deal with us
personally, deeply, profoundly. As Your holy spirit moves with great
power and significance. You speak, Lord, let me get out of the way is
our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Derek Redmond. Does that name mean anything to anybody? Derek Redmond.
When I tell you who he is many of you will remember him. He was the guy in the
Olympic games in Barcelona, who after running just almost a hundred yards in his
race, evidently pulled a muscle or an achilles, and fell down to the track. Remember
him? And he got up with great effort and hobbled and hopped and you could tell he
was going to finish the race in his lane no matter what. Remember? And then a guy
bolted out of the stands, pushed aside some security guards, and ran to his side and
started to half carry him and they came out and tried to get him away from the
runner. And others pushed him away, because the guy who was there helping him
happened to be his Dad. Remember? And his father helped him as he hopped and
made his way which seemed like an eternity to the end of the race. And then all of
the stands in the Olympics stood to their feet and they shouted. I don't remember
what the race was. I don't remember who won the gold medal. But I think we
remember Derek Redmond and his Dad. They finished the r ...

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