by Dr. Ed Young

#932 September 13, 1992 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Luke: 15
I told everybody tonight to dress casually and I forgot about it. I guess for a country
Baptist preacher this is about as casual as you can get. So, I hope we will. Most of
you already have and we've asked our associate deacons to do so. We're just going
to dress casually on Sunday night and what a tremendous job our choir did in concert
tonight. (Applause) And on these Sunday nights I am going to deal for a while with
Luke Chapter number 1 5. Let's pray together.
Father, we thank you for your presence in our services today, for the
dozens upon dozens of people who made decisions for You this morning
and yea, those tonight who perhaps will come to Christ and others who
will come in this church family. We thank you for those who entered the
waters of Baptism. And we just rejoice in these worship experiences.
You speak now, let me get out of the way is our corporate prayer and
our petition made in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
You look all over the Bible and all over the literature of the world and i don't think you
will find a better 32 verses to read than in Luke chapter 1 5. If I had to pick out the
four or five favorite chapters in all the Bible. I would turn to Luke 1 5 and say, "I love
it." It is a tremendous, tremendous chapter in God's word. A lot of people who are
not even Christians who are authority in literature say that the story of the Prodigal
Son contained in Luke 15 is the greatest short story that was ever written. So we
look at Luke 1 5 and we see in these 32 verses tremendous, tremendous truths. The
theme of Luke 15:32, these 32 verses, is the theme of lostness. It's a theme of being
And this week I read in the newspaper and interesting, interesting account. It says,
A Diary Chronicles Hikers Last Days. Maybe you saw it. Man found dead in Alaskan
camp was stranded for 3 months. And he kept a diary there of what he did.
Anchorage, Alaska de ...

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