by Dr. Ed Young

#931 September 13, 1992 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Hebrews 11:32
Our text if found in Hebrews, chapter 11, but our scripture is found in I Samuel,
chapter 1. So if you would turn to I Samuel, chapter 1, that's our primary scripture
of the morning. Let's bow for prayer together.
Father, speak to us, deal with us. May Thy voice be heard clearly and directly
as touched and inspired and sharpened by Thy Holy Spirit. Lord, You speak
and let me get out of the way so that Thy truth alone cannot only be
proclaimed, but may it be absorbed and incorporated and put into the very
personalities thatYou've giver,. For this is our prayer throg-h JesUs Chist, our
living, our loving Lord. Amen.
We've been studying Hebrews. We've been in the Hall of Fame of the men and
women of faith in chapter 11. We've had some people that said clearly, "I don't
understand how God could put them with those people because of their lives, but
because of their faith, they are thus placed." Others we've looked at and say, "Yes,
yes - I guess they belong there." This morning we look at the man Samuel. And I
think anyone who knows the Bible and God's working through the lives of men and
women would say if somehow the Holy Spirit had left out Samuel, we would never
have understood it. Samuel was, indeed, a tremendous man of faith, a wonderful,
fabulous leader of God's people. Samuel, in fact, was a judge as well as a prophet.
He was the last of the judges. And you remember the judges operated primarily on
the basis of power and strength and military acumen, whereas the prophets were men
of God. They were spokesmen, they were not so much foretellers. That was a part
of their prophetic role, but they were forthtellers. They spoke authoritatively for God.
And so we see Samuel was the last of the judges. You read the last verse in the last
chapter in the book of Judges, it says an indicting thing about this particular period
in history. It says there was no k ...

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