by Dr. Ed Young

#926 July 5, 1992 a.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Hebrews 11:30-31
Hebrew chapter number 11, verse 29, 30, 31. Let's bow for prayer together.
Father, it's thrilling to be in Thy house with friends, with family, with brothers
and sisters in Christ. On this holiday weekend, it's a joy to gather and worship
Thee and to hear Thy glory sang and just to be here to know that You are
tabernacling among us during these days. Lord, You speak right now and let
me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy truth might be heard, it might
be received, it might be understood. And, Oh Lord, may we leave here
equipped anew to apply Thy truth in our very lifestyles. For we make this
prayer through Jesus Christ our living, loving, saving, healing Savior. Amen.
This past week I watched three basketball games, part of them in which our super
NBA stars played three other Latin American teams. And if you watched any of these
contests and saw Michael Jordan and his entourage of super stars called the "Dream
Team" play other international teams, I'm telling you, it was the story of intimidation.
No contest! We won because we were taller, faster, jump higher, better coached,
more experienced, older - you name it, we had every advantage and we took
advantage of every advantage. And the other teams were absolutely intimidated.
They were more interested in getting their picture made with David Robinson and
Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler than it was playing against them. They had their
family out on the floor with little movie cameras saying, "Look, there you are guarding
that NBA All-Star!" It was the story of intimidation. I think if any of us would walk
through any of the Hall of Fame in the athletic world, whether it's the Track-and-Field
Hall of Fame in Indianapolis or baseball in Cooperstown, we'd see those tremendous
world-class athletes and the records they've established. And all of us wou ...

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