by Dr. Ed Young

#924 June 21, 1992 p.m.
(transcribed from tape)
Luke 11
I never have preached while taking up the offering, but I guess that's a pretty
good thing to do. I know you're looking forward to hearing Mrs. McLauren sing
tonight. She's one of our great, great, fabulous soloists. But I've got to go
to a beach retreat. We've 500-600 kids down at Padre Island, so I'm going to
leave in a minute and catch an airplane and go down there and be with them and
get some rest. I only speak twice a day down there, to them, so, you know,
that's really like retirement for me.
Open your Bibles if you would tonight to the book of the gospel of Luke, chapter
number 11. And we're just going to walk through this 11th chapter together. And
the theme of the 11th chapter is prayer. In fact, I think you'll find in this
11th chapter, a veritable School of Prayer. If you're serious about praying,
this is a School of Prayer. It just walks us through the basic steps of getting
with God. The last sermon that was delivered at this convention I just returned
from was by Dr. Charles Stanley. He used a magnificent illustration of prayer.
He used the relationship with a man with his wife, and a wife with her husband,
and said that what your mate desires is intimacy. That's what every man, every
woman desires in marriage is genuine intimacy. Soul to soul; mind to mind; heart
to heart; joys and fears; victories and defeats - intimacy! And just as our
mates desire intimacy with us and we desire intimacy with our mates, so also does
God desire to be intimate with you and intimate with me. That's God's desire.
And the reason we do not allow Him to be intimate with us in prayer is because
there are some things in our lives, perhaps, we do not want God to get a hold of
and be a part of. It's those unsurrendered areas, those unconfessed areas, those
unyielded areas. And, therefore, we hold back on being intimate with Him.
Open your Bibles, if you would, and let's lo ...

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