by Dr. Ed Young

#918 April 26, 1992
Hebrews 11:8-16
We're studying Hebrews. We've been studying Hebrews for a while and we'll
continue to study Hebrews for a while. We're in Hebrews chapter number 11.
today we'll begin with verse 8. Hebrews 11:8 following. Let's bow for prayer
Father, we're here in Thy house today to do business with you. But more
than that, Father, we know that Thou art here tabernacled among us to do
business with us. Lord, I pray that You will speak and let me get out of
the way so that Thy word and Thy truth might be heard; it might be
received; it might be understood. And may we leave this assembly today
determined to have our lives directed anew by You. For this is our prayer
through Jesus Christ our living, loving, saving, healing, forgiving Lord.
Hebron is one of the oldest towns in all the world. It's an interesting place,
indeed. And if you read your Bible or read anything of the history of Israel,
you know that the town of Hebron is mentioned over and over and over again. It
comes into history in a prominent way when Abraham's wife Sarah died. At that
moment he did not own one inch of dirt i-n the land of promise. But he wanted a
place to bury his wife. And so he went and bought the cave of Machpelah. And
there Sarah was buried.
Now you can go to Hebron today, though for many years outsiders were forbidden
to go there beca-use on top- of the cave of Machpelabh there i-s a mosque. And on-ly
believers could go there and worship in that mosque. But finally the doors have
been opened and today anybody can go and visit the cave of Machpelah except a
Jew. Because now in that cave you have the grave of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.
You go down into a little series of stone steps. A Jew can go as far as the 7th
step and no farther. But if you visit Hebron you can go all the way down and you
get in this mosque that is somewhat elaborately furnished and there you see an
iron grate. And ...

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